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Terms of sale

This section includes the General Conditions of Sale established between Fusion Lab, S.L.(onwards, Esdemarca) and natural or legal persons who wish to purchase products through the online store hosted in the domain

These General Conditions of Sale define the rights and obligations of the company and the user who uses the page (hereinafter, "the partner") and are explicitly accepted by the partner when registering.

The General Conditions of Sale are permanently accessible through this section Conditions of Sale of

1. Ownership
2. Portal Object
3.  Partner Registration
4.  Account Cancellation
5.  Invitations
6.  Information about the products
7.  Prices
8.  Discounts
9.  Order Processing
10.  Transaction Log
11.  Payment
12.  Payment Issues
13. Security
  14.  Bill
15. Availability
16. Cancellations
17.  Shipment of the products
18. Delivery Issues
19. Changes
20.  Returns
21.  Refunds
22.  Warranty
23.  Modification of the General Conditions of Sale
24.  Exclusion of responsibilities
25.  Privacy and data protection
26.  Applicable legislation


1. Ownership

The owner of the domain and the portal is the company Fusion Lab, SL, with registered office at Calle Manzanares, 4, 28005, Madrid, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in volume 43975, folio 150, sheet number B 443426, inscription 1, with CIF B66138827. You can contact Fusion Lab, S.L. through the following email address:

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2. Portal Object

The portal Esdemarca is aimed at selling the items offered in the online store.

This sale will be made according to the prices and conditions indicated on the website, which the user must accept in full when registering their data on the portal to access the contents, and when formalizing their orders.

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3. Customer Registration


Registration is done in the "Register" section, the user will have access data consisting of a username (which is the e-mail address entered in the registration form) and a password (chosen by the user himself .

These data will allow you to access your account and place and manage your orders. You can also modify your personal and access data.

The user declares that all the information provided by him is correct and undertakes to keep it updated. He will be solely responsible for the conflicts that may arise from the falsity or error of the data provided.

The use of access data is personal and non-transferable, the transfer to others is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the user to keep these access data secret and they assume all responsibility if they are disclosed to other people.

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4. Account Cancellation


The user may cancel his account at any time by means of the Cancellation section available on the web.

The cancellation of the account does not exempt the user from the fulfillment of the obligations that he has contracted when placing orders on the web.

Esdemarca reserves the right to cancel any account that is inactive (without access) for a period greater than six months, or when it detects a use of the service contrary to these General Sales Conditions.

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5. Invitations

Esdemarca authorizes its users to invite their friends, family and acquaintances to register on the portal, without financial consideration of any kind by the company.

The invitation is voluntary and is made at the initiative of the user, so that Esdemarca does not respond to any possible liability arising from the invitation, which is borne by the person making it.

Sometimes, Esdemarca will reward users who invite other people through discount vouchers, the amount of which can only be used to make purchases on the portal, is not redeemable for cash and can be accumulated for a same order. These promotions are punctual, have their own specific conditions and Esdemarca reserves the right to suspend them at any time.

Likewise, Esdemarca reserves the right to suspend the possibility of inviting and rejecting the candidates proposed by any user, when any anomaly or abusive use of this formula is detected. In this sense, mass invitations are prohibited by any means

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6. Information about the products

The images and descriptions that appear on the cards of the items for sale in Esdemarca are based on the information provided by the suppliers. Although we work so that all the information is correct we do not guarantee that there are no errors in descriptions, product prices or that the products are available at all times.

Links to other pages included in the Esdemarca portal are offered for informational purposes only.

 Esdemarca is not responsible for the content, services or products offered from these links.

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7. Prices

The prices applicable to each purchase are only those indicated on the website at the time the order is placed.

The prices of the items that are for sale in Esdemarca include VAT and all applicable taxes in Spain or in the country where the sale is made. To the price that appears in the online store for the product, the shipping costs will be added.

Esdemarca reserves the right to modify the price of the same item according to the selected size or color.

These expenses depend on the rates of other companies and are always indicated separately before the formalization of the order, so that users can know them before confirming their purchase.

Esdemarca reserves the right to change prices at any time and without prior notice. However, these changes may not affect the prices of products that are part of orders that have already been registered and confirmed to the customer. In that case, the price will be maintained.

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8. Discounts

The information on the prices of the items that are for sale in Esdemarca includes references to discounts with respect to ordinary sales prices.

These price comparisons are merely informative and are established from the recommended price lists provided by the supplier, and from the prices that the Esdemarca  collaborators have verified at the points of sale, outside the periods of sales and without considering the offers.

Promotional codes and coupons cannot be combined or accumulated with each other, only one coupon or code per purchase will be valid.

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9. Order Processing

Esdemarca offers its users the possibility of placing their purchase orders through the online store available on the portal.

For this, it is necessary to complete all the steps of the Purchase Process and have the legal capacity necessary to sign the contract for the purchase of goods that involves placing an order on the portal.

By clicking on the "Buy" button to formalize an order, the user accepts all the General Conditions of Sale indicated here.

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10. Transaction Log

Esdemarca maintains a computerized record of all transactions (orders, cancellations, returns, billing, etc.) made with its users.

This computerized record will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments made between both parties.

Likewise, after formalizing an order, the user will receive an email to the address you have indicated when registering, confirming that your order has been registered and consigning the requested items, prices, conditions and delivery times. This e-mail is considered proof of purchase.

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11. Payment


Payment for purchases made in Esdemarca is made using the following payment methods:

 - Credit or debit cards accepted by the payment gateway available in the online store.

- Paypal.

- Cash on delivery.

- Wire transfer.

- Deferred payment through the platform Aplazame.

- Scalapay: If you buy with Scalapay, you will receive your order and pay in 3 installments. You confirm that the installments will be sold to and purchased by Retail Instalments SPV 1 Limited, related parties and their beneficiaries and you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably authorize and consent to this sale and purchase.

The amount of purchases will be charged to the bank account linked to the member's card within 24 hours. If the bank refuses the payment, the customer will be informed by e-mail and the order will be canceled.

The products will remain the property of the supplier of  Esdemarca until the member satisfies the full payment of the indicated price.

They are not accepted by money order or check, or any other payment system other than those mentioned above.

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12. Payment Issues

The verification of the bank details indicated by the users is the responsibility of the collaborating financial entity of Esdemarca (La Caixa and Adyen), of the PayPal Payment system or the Aplázame fractional payment system.

In the event that a purchase is improperly charged to a user, it may require the cancellation and reimbursement of the charge, which will be carried out provided that it is proven that the order has not been made or due to negligence in the custody of the keys of Access to your partner account.

In the event that the user requires the cancellation of an order whose veracity has been sufficiently accredited, he must assume the amount plus the possible expenses and damages caused to  Esdemarca on the occasion of the claim.

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13. Security

The Esdemarca portal adopts the necessary security measures to guarantee the reliability of the transactions made in the online store and the confidentiality of the data provided by the customers.

The management of the bank data is carried out exclusively by the bank providing the payment gateway, which guarantees its security. Esdemarca does not know, nor collect, the data on the cards of users making purchases.

In order to guarantee the safety of our users, Esdemarca reserves the right to request additional documentation regarding a purchase made by credit / debit card or other means.

The lack of any requested document or the breach of the security protocol will cause the order to be canceled and the amount of the order to be reimbursed to the same account and in the same way by which the payment was made.

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If an invoice is required, the user can download it from the "My account> Orders" section, entering the required data such as: name and surname, address and identification number (NIF or CIF)

Changes or modifications of the receipts that are caused by errors made by the user when entering their data when registering are not allowed. The user can modify this data at any time by accessing the section My details .

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15. Availability

After receiving the formalization of an order from a user,  Esdemarca requests it from the corresponding supplier. Although Esdemarca tries to keep its inventory as up-to-date as possible based on the information provided by its suppliers, sometimes the requested product may not be available.


In case of unavailability of stock and whenever possible, Esdemarca  will propose to the user to replace the requested item with one of similar characteristics. The user may reject this possibility and cancel the order of the requested item that is not available.

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16. Cancellations

At any time before definitively confirming the purchase, the user can go back or leave the page and his order will not be effective.

The user can also cancel the items of an order by removing them from the shopping cart, before confirming their order.

Once the purchase is confirmed, no cancellation or modification of the order will be accepted through the corresponding email message. This is because our standard delivery time is 24 hours so at the time of confirmation, your order begins to be handled. In any case, contact the customer service department and we will try to stop the order whenever possible.

In case of not being able to make the cancellation or modification you must wait to return the item once it has been received.

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17. Shipment of the products

All products in  Esdemarca have a standard delivery time of between 24 and 72 hours. On some occasions the delivery time may be 1 week in some campaigns but it will always be indicated before the purchase process.

You can check all the information about delivery times in the section "Shipments and Delivery Times".

Esdemarca will inform you of the delivery period when formalizing your purchase and you can check the shipping status at any time, from the Orders section.

If the order combines different products, the delivery time will be established from the farthest delivery date.

Esdemarca  only ships to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), and Rest of Europe. For logistical and cost reasons, orders will not be accepted from Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands.. *

* Other areas may be excluded from our shipping area. The user has all the information in his basket before confirming his purchase.

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18. Delivery Issues

Absence of the recipient

In the absence of the recipient of the shipment, the company in charge of the delivery will leave a notice with a telephone number, which the user must call to arrange a new delivery date.

The repeated absence of the recipient in subsequent delivery attempts may result in the return of the package to Esdemarca according to the general conditions of the transport company. In this case, the user must re-request the shipment to Esdemarca and pay the shipping costs again.

Wrong shipments

The user, or the person who empowers to pick up the consignment consigned in his name, is responsible for verifying that the package received corresponds to the order placed, and for making the appropriate claims within a maximum period of 30 business days from delivery.

Damaged shipments

If the package arrives open or is damaged in a way that affects the content, the user must complain to  Esdemarca within a maximum period of 24 hours from delivery.

Delivery delay

In the event that the final delivery date indicated in the purchase confirmation exceeds 72 hours late, the user will have the right to cancel the order and the refund of the purchase amount, plus shipping costs, through the established procedure in the Returns section of these General Conditions of Sale, except in cases of force majeure.

In the case of orders that include multiple items, it is possible that the delivery of the items will be made in several times, without this giving right to a claim by the partner, provided that the maximum term is not exceeded.

Shipping Loss

In case of loss of the package attributable to the transport company, once this responsibility is verified, users will have the right to request Esdemarca a new shipment of the same characteristics, or the return of the money.

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19. Changes

Once the purchase has been confirmed, product changes will not be accepted on the order. In case of wanting to make a product change, the user must cancel the shipment or, if it has already been sent, manage a return and place a new order.

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20. Returns

Upon receipt of your order, the user has the right to return it within a maximum period of 90 calendar days from the date of delivery to the address indicated.

When the product is defective or does not correspond to the order made by the partner, Esdemarca will bear the return costs, including collection at the address indicated by the user, once the error is credited.

The process for making a return is explained in the section Returns.

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21. Refunds

Refunds of amounts due to cancellations or returns of orders will be made in the same bank account used by the user to make the payment. In the case of orders made with payment method Cash on delivery or bank transfer, the refund will be made in the account requested to the customer once the return is received at our facilities.

In the case of purchases made entirely or partially with discount vouchers, the amount thereof will be reactivated to the user's account as a new discount voucher.

The speed of the refund in the partner's bank account will depend on the type of bank card you have used and the conditions of your bank.

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22. Warranty

Esdemarca periodically performs conformity checks on the products of its suppliers, which are also selected for the quality of their products.

However, if the user considers that any product that does not comply with the required quality and compliance conditions may require a refund through the procedure specified in the Returns section of these General Sales Conditions.

Esdemarca  offers its customers the possibility of making returns or exchanges for other similar items.

In case of defective product, Esdemarca will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract, procedures that will be free for the customer. Esdemarca  will be liable for any breach of conformity manifested within three years of delivery. The client must inform Esdemarca of the lack of conformity within two months of becoming aware of it.

Products purchased in Esdemarca damaged by normal wear and tear or have exceeded the reasonable life of the product will not be replaced.

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23. Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

Esdemarca reserves the right to modify these General Sales Conditions at any time and without prior notice. The new conditions will be published in the section of the website Sales Conditions.

It is the responsibility of the user to review the General Conditions of Sale at the time of placing your order. In case you are not satisfied with the changes that are introduced in the General Conditions of Sale, you must refrain from placing the order and canceling your membership account.

The formalization of an order implies acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale in force at the time of confirming the purchase.

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24. Exclusion of responsibilities

Esdemarca will not be liable in the event of any of the following assumptions:

-Errors on the part of the user when entering their data in the order form or registration as a partner.

-Lack of diligence of the user in the custody of their access codes or their own personal data.

- Incorrect or bad faith use of the services offered on the portal by users.

-Delay or non-receipt by the user of the order confirmation by e-mail, or any other anomaly during the purchase process caused by network problems or the electronic device used by the partner to connect.

-Authorized attacks or access to systems of Esdemarca that are impossible to detect due to reasonable security measures implemented by the company and its suppliers.

-Any other fact or situation that is not reflected in these General Conditions of Sale and that is not attributable to the acts, decisions or will of the staff of Esdemarca, that is of an exceptional, fortuitous or forceful nature higher.

In any case, Esdemarca undertakes to try to solve the problems that may arise and to offer all the necessary support to the users to reach a quick and satisfactory solution of the incidents, to the extent of their possibilities.

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25.Privacy and data protection

The Privacy and Data Protection policy can be consulted in the Legal Notice section.

We do not transfer data to other companies to send you publicity and we strictly comply with the Law. See Legal Notice.


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26. Applicable legislation

These general conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. “The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile. 

All aspects that are not foreseen in these General Conditions of Sale will be regulated by the legislation, uses and customs of distance selling and retail in Spain.

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Esdemarca · Copyright © Fusion Lab, S.L. 2022 | Legal warning | B66138827 · Manzanares, 4, 28005 Madrid (Spain) · · +34 91 769 72 17

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