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Fashion Jewellery for Man


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Men's Jewelry

Some people say that jewelry is only for women, something that couldn't be further from the truth. Although the most extensive concept about jewelry lies in the ringsor the necklacesThere is another kind of jewelry, the one destined to the man of today in the form of bracelets, clocks o silver cufflinks for shirt cuffs.

Brands such as Antonio Miro, Giorgio di Mare, Marsan Leather o Yocari are very aware of the needs of men in this area, so they have not hesitated to design for them the best branded accessories in jewelry for him with a distinctive style that you can not resist and you will only find in Esdemarca.com.

The art of the twin

Inspired by the world of the sea, in particular racing and polo, Giorgio di Mare represents the sophistication of the sport. Your silver cufflinks will be the ideal complement to complete an attire to match the circumstances, accompanied by the matching tie and jacket scarf. Get the Liock and Pats set packs by Giorgio di Mare and stand out from the rest. Contemporary art and culture is represented by the unparalleled style of Antonio Miro. An intelligent look, with that gene that only artists know how to pour into their designs, like the Tenor twins. The classic air, mixed with the modernity of the simplest forms, gives the man who wears them the balanced elegance sought.

The artistic versatility of the bracelet

If there is one type of men's jewelry that should stand out from the rest, it is undoubtedly the bracelet. Its versatility is its greatest asset to be one of the immovable garments for men's attire, and one of the most special gifts that can be made. The combination of designs and materials that can be made is another great asset of the bracelet, because it gives a freedom of creation that rarely occurs in the accessories and jewelry for men's brand.

Yocari is one of the most prominent brands in the treatment of silver jewelry and one of the most requested by men, for its combination of leather, suede and silver, always retaining a casual air, but modern as its braided leather bracelet with chain detail. Choose one of your favorite symbols to decorate your bracelet, such as Infinity or the letter of your name to give it more personality. Break the mold with the aged silver ring with a pate-like cross.

And for those looking to complete their urban style, nothing better than Marsan LeatherA brand dedicated to leather goods and bags, as well as accessories for men. Their designs are based on the use of few materials to create accessories that transmit, such as leather bracelets with central metal details with engravings of all kinds. In Marsan Leather you can find all kinds of sSymbols and decorative elements such as bracelets with the symbol of Peace, bracelets braided in rope, marine type attachments, such as anchor beads or boat rudders, as well as zodiacal signs.

Enter Esdemarca.com and get the best men's jewelry of the reference brands in the sector.

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