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Summer Chic: The Elegance of Linen

This time, we focus on linen, a natural material that has earned its place in the summer wardrobe for its ability to keep us cool and comfortable.   We offer a complete guide to look incredibly chic with your summer linen looks, for both women and men. Discover how to incorporate this versatile fabric into your daily outfits and elevate your su [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2024-07-23 10:24:05

The return of the 90’s: A nostalgic journey through fashion.

By: Antía López If I had to define the return of the much-loved 90s style in one word, it would undoubtedly be nostalgia. Fashion crossed the runways and hit the streets, sparking an explosion of creativity backed by a multitude of cultural influences. We already know that trends come and go, and it's no secret that this one is back with almost as much force as it had in its heyday, and of course, many fashion [...]

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By Antía López | 2024-07-09 11:03:49

Pepe Jeans, the pioneering denim brand taking the world by storm.

   Portobello neighborhood in London, 1973, the fashion industry is revolutionized by the appearance of some brothers, known by their surname Shah, who decide to reflect their creativity and Nigerian culture through jeans. Today, this brand, which we unhesitatingly call one of our favorites, has diversified, offering trends and fashion (our raison d'être) [...]

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By Antía López | 2024-06-27 16:35:01

Spring-Summer Trends: Which Ones Stay on the Runway and Which Ones Hit the Streets This Season

As usual, at ESDMagazine, we don’t miss a beat when it comes to fashion. Let’s dive in.   Tenniscore: Who would have thought [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2024-05-30 08:33:38

Blauer: The Style Revolution Arriving at Esdemarca

Through this article, we will celebrate Blauer's arrival at Esdemarca, exploring its unique history, its influence on current fashion trends (considering how close we are to Fashion Week 2024), and how the brand caters to both men's and women's [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2024-05-13 07:20:51

Peach Fuzz: the color of the year 2024 is the most flattering shade in the color palette

What will be the theme of the next Met Gala? What surprises will designers have for us during fashion weeks? What will be the most repeated trends in street style around the globe? Above all these uncertainties stands the most striking decision of all: [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2024-04-24 12:10:25

New York Fashion Week: We fly to the city of skyscrapers to discover the latest trends on and off the runway.

The clock struck 8:00am as I boarded a flight heading to New York. I had never been to the Big Apple (though having watched Sex And The City at least 8 times, I could easily pass for a New Yorker), let alone hailed a yellow cab - one of those little things tha [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2024-03-01 08:26:00

We spoke with Gigi Vives at the 080 in Barcelona: discover all the advice, tips, and tricks from the insider to be the best dressed next season.

The 080 platform, along with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, is the most important fashion event in our country. A space where the best and newest trends converge, and the most groundbreaking street style looks; as expected, we did not want to miss the opportunity to discove [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-11-23 09:38:35

Chic work clothes: Set the trend at the office

But who says personal style has to be sacrificed for office etiquette? In the modern world, chic workwear has redesigned the way we present ourselves in the work setting, blending elegance with professionalism. In today's article, we present garments with which you will be able [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-10-25 10:38:37

High Fashion Between Pages: Dive into the 5 Essential Books on the World of Fashion

Below, we will unveil a list of five books that will not only educate you about fashion but also transport you to the most glamorous and intricate cor [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-10-19 09:49:09

Boots and Ankle Boots: Trends, How to Wear Them with Style, and Our Favorites

Boots and ankle boots make their grand return to wardrobes, promising to be the preferred footwear that will perfectly complement all your outfits this season. They represent more than a simple necessity; they are the emblem of comfort fused with style. So, welcome to the charm o [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-10-05 09:55:14

Gothic aesthetics: The keys to fully immersing yourself in the trend of the season

Today, this distinctive style is making a strong comeback on runways, boutiques, an [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-09-27 13:23:21

Fashion Documentaries and Movies You Can't Miss

Sometimes, cinema gives us a deep insight into this industry, its leaders, and the stories that have left a mark. From Esdemarca, we present a selection of documentaries, films, and yes, even a podcast! that every fashion enthusiast should know.   "The Septemb [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-09-12 11:38:01

Fitness Fashion: Stylish Sportswear for Men and Women

Fashion and sport have always been two worlds that intertwine with elegance. Nowadays, stylish sportswear is not just for the gym, but has become an essential part of daily style. In this article, we will explore the wide range of sportswear and stylish athletic accessories available at ESD, from yoga pants to running shoes.   1. Yoga Pa [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-08-08 13:35:14

Tenniscore: What is it and why has it become the trend of the season.

.. tenniscore. What is it? Its name says it all, it is the new aesthetic that obsesses celebrities and stands out in street style, characterized by mixing clothing initially for playing tennis, with a preppy point. After so much pink, a break to play some games doesn't hurt. [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-07-25 10:17:51

Barbiecore: The fashion trend that is sweeping with pink as the protagonist.

   Hello to all the fashionistas and fashion lovers! Today we're going to talk about a trend that's sweeping the fashion world and has pink as its main character. It's about Barbiecore, a trend that has conquered designers, influencers, and fashion lovers alike. We tell you everything you need to know about Barbiecore and how [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-07-12 11:35:16

Accessories: this is how you should combine them according to experts to elevate your looks this season.

And it is that an outfit, no matter how good it is, will never be completely complete without a good bag, the right belt, or the perfect sunglasses. That's why, today we will de [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-06-28 11:05:19

4 Summer Cocktails and Their Respective Outfits

We have been inspired by the colors, flavors, and sensations of the most popular cocktails to offer you four surprising combinations. Whether you have in mind a casual sunset [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-06-21 12:00:14

Colorimetry: Does the color of our clothing influence our mood?

   Pinks, blues, neutral tones, or the always classic black; does our mood somehow influenced by the range of colors that we consciously or unconsciously use in our daily lives? We spoke with a psychologist who resolves all our doubts. Have you ever had the feeling that, by wearing certain color clothes, your self-e [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-06-15 09:40:40

The Art of AI in Fashion: The 5 Most Relevant Artists of the moment

   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral component of our daily lives, and the world of fashion is no exception. Whether it's through personalized style recommendations, AI-generated fashion designs, or even AI-created digital art, this technology is transforming the fashion industry in unimaginable ways. In this article, we will explo [...]

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By Sergi Pijoan | 2023-06-07 12:25:11

Introduction to Personal Style: Become Your Own Stylist with Esdemarca.

   Style is much more than dressing up in the latest fashion; it's a way of expressing who you are and how you feel. At Esdemarca, we want to be your personal guide on your journey to stylistic authenticity, offering you the best fashion ideas and tips. This article is dedicated to helping you discover your own style from a decalogu [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-05-31 12:00:37

Dress like in the movies (literally) is easy, if you know how.

If we say Pretty Woman, The Devil Wears Prada or La La Land, surely there is more than one outfit that comes to your mind almost instantly. But have you ever thought about recreating them? Whether you have or haven't, welcome to our particular red carpet, let the show begin! If you are regulars to our weekly deliveri [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-05-25 10:43:59

Trend alert: these are the swimsuits you have to take note of for the summer to succeed at the beach (or pool)

ESD MAGAZINE Por: Laura Solla Trend alert: these are the swimsuits you have to take note of for the summer to succeed at the beach (or pool)   Do you already have a good tan or have you not been able to enjoy those desired, long-awaited days at the beach yet? Either way, swimwear trends are already well established, and we're going to reveal everything you need to know to achieve a style reminiscent of Halle Berry in 007 or Bruce Willis i [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-05-10 10:15:35

Accessories for weddings:

We present the latest trends in wedding accessories, so you can look radiant on that special day. Discover what is in vogue and look amazing!   Shoes Shoes are one of the most important accessories in any outfit. If you [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-04-28 10:10:08

A day in the mountains:

   Are you preparing a trip to the mountains, or are you planning to do so soon? If your thing is hiking, trekking, climbing or simply looking for a day out in nature, this is the article for you (and your website). Here's everything you need to enjoy your favourite sport in the most sought-after destination of the season.  [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-04-26 10:46:01

Prepare the perfect closet for this spring with us.

Time change, longer days, flowers, terraces and rising temperatures. Spring is here, the prelude to summer and our favourite season, and we show you how to prepare the perfect wardrobe of basics to enjoy this season as it deserves.   It seemed that this moment would never come, but yes, believe it or not, 365 days have passed and we are once a [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-04-13 12:15:43

We talked with Pablo Ozores about the relationship between art and fashion.

©Pictures courtesy of Ozo Supply     "My challenge is to inspire the fight for everyone's dreams and happiness, and I suppose that is done by trying to improve oneself every day."  Today we have a slightly different article, a little more special. We spoke with the artist Pablo Ozores about ev [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-04-04 15:01:31

Discover the most sought-after trends at ESD for next spring-summer.

     Spring-summer is just around the corner, and at ESD we are ready to offer you the most sought-after trends of the season. Our careful selection of brands and products will allow you to look fashionable without sacrificing quality and style.   Vibrant colours: This season, bright, bold colours are dominating the catwalks. Go for [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2023-03-17 11:35:38

Quality clothing: what to look out for to make the perfect purchase

Looking good? Read on.   ©Kksenia Chernaya via pexels [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-03-10 10:10:42

New York, London and Milan: the best street style looks of the fashion capitals and how to recreate them.

  A, B, C, D, E... Fashion Week! Is there anything we love more than the street style looks between shows? I don't think so. So yes, you guessed it: today we are going to analyze some of the best outfits of our favorite celebrities in the front rows, and above all we are going to learn how to recreate them. Ready? Go!    ©Nic [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-03-03 11:21:22

Everything we've learned about New York Fashion Week.

  New York, the birthplace of skyscrapers, musicals, advertising in the form of gigantic screens, and... fashion. Yes, Paris and Milan may have more points in this competition, but there's no denying that New York style, casual and cool, is at the forefront of trends season after season. From this new edition of Fashion Week (marked by unusually warm temperatures when what wa [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-02-24 10:00:50

How to prepare the perfect suitcase: all the keys to not go overboard or fall short on your next getaway.

The plane takes to the runway, the train arrives at its destination, the ship docks or the once endless hours by car finally come to an end. This can only mean one thing: we have reached our destination. Whether you prefer the beach or the mountains, at Esdemarca we have compiled some infallible tricks to prepare the perfect luggag [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-02-16 16:20:18

We tell you why Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate, whether you have a partner or not.

  Yes, even if you don't have a partner, this day is also for you. We tell you the full story of Valentine's Day (spoiler: no happy ending) and we discover the perfect options to give yourself or yourself on this special day. And long live love!   ©Pexels February 14 is a somewhat complicated day. A date -for some, fruit of consu [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-02-06 09:45:44


Two-piece (or three-piece) suits, transparencies, colours... Pay attention to what's coming and read on to keep up to date with all the trends (past and present) [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-02-02 12:45:31

The monochrome trend

So far so good, but there is a contrasting trend that we have seen on the catwalks this season that is easy to follow, practical and suitable for everyday wear. We are talking about the monochrome look, an option that can be a little intimidating at first, but when adapted to our style and combined in the rig [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-01-26 13:00:57

Boots and ankle boots on trend and perfect for the season

But, it is not always necessary to have an excuse to give a gift -or give ourselves a gift-, right? Here is a selection of boots and booties ideal to [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-01-20 11:10:14

And the color that will mark this 2023 is?

.. year after year something as simple (and as complex) as choosing a color sets the course for fashion for the next 12 months. This year the chosen one is a passionate, live Pantone, and with many hidden connotations. Do you want to know everything about the tone that will reign in our closets this year? Keep reading, at Esdemarc [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2023-01-13 13:00:59

Athleisure: how to adapt the trend to our day to day.

We've been seeing him on the streets for a long time. Athleisure, or what is the same, adapting the most comfortable clothes in our wardrobe to the day to day, has come to stay. And it is that following the comings and goings of the fashion industry is not so complicated when what is worn is to be comfortable and warm this winter.    © Justin Timberlake There ar [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2022-12-22 12:56:00

24 gifts for the whole family with which to hit yes or yes this Christmas.

Here is the definitive list not to fail on these dates: we propose 24 options for parents, friends, couples (or for oneself) with which success is more than guaranteed. This year we have been very, very good.   ©Alsu Vershinina / Unsplash Yes, we all like to give gifts to our loved ones, but that does not mean that, sometimes, the mission ends up complic [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2022-12-16 10:35:53

The anorak will be the definitive garment this season

Anoraks are an unquestionable basic, but sometimes basics become a trend. This season (like the previous one) we will see them in all their shapes and colors, and even prints or asymmetrical. So, take note and add to your wishlist the options that we propose from Esdemarca, we assure you that we will appreciate it.     ©Versacce. Gigi Hadid in Met Gala 2022 with custom [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2022-12-09 15:45:41

The sweatshirts that we will see non-stop this season were already worn by Lady Di in the nineties.

Lady Di has gone down in memory as one of the quintessential style icons of recent times. Her wardrobe was not typical of a royal, and she managed to get sportswear and 'casual' to set foot in the British Royal House. For this reason, from Esdemarca we want to pay a small tribute to Diana Spencer by recreating one of our favorit [...]

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By Laura Solla | 2022-11-17 14:00:00

All in pink

Shop windows, catwalks, large advertising campaigns and our Instagram feed respond in unison to one color: pink. Pink in general and pink PP in particular, a color patented by Pier Paolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, who together with Pantone devised the most vibrant, lightest and most desired pink of all [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-10-21 15:30:47

Your partner in fashion

.. Don't be alarmed! We are still the same as always and we want to tell you first-hand. Image: Pepe Jeans Since we were born we have grown with you to become a fashion portal trusted by international brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste [...]

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By ESD TEAM | 2022-10-19 23:50:22

Footwear for the off-season months

It has happened to all of us. We resign ourselves to saying goodbye to summer but the clouds and the drop in temperatures are becoming more and more noticeable. Image: GIOSEPPO From Esdemarca we come to propose that you leav [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-10-07 14:00:01

Back to school is here

And with that, we find ourselves squeezing the last days of summer while we prepare the list of things to organize and to buy for the little ones in the house. At Esdemarca we know how hard the return to reality can be and we want to make it as easy as possible for you [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-09-12 11:15:49

The polo shirts that never fail

If I had to choose the most classic, elegant and wild card garment of the season, it would be polo shirts. Its very origin in the sport of polo denotes that traditional and distinguished component. In 1920, Rene Lacoste, one of the best tennis players of the time, was very uncomfortable with his traditional sports clothing and decided to focus on the game of polo to design a short-sleeved cotton ga [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-09-02 11:00:20

High heels, long nights.

It may be due to the number of celebrations and events that are taking place this 2022 or it may be due to an aesthetic need to feel as favored as possible. Whatever the reason, heels have come to stay with us for several seasons. This was established by Pier Paolo Piccioli from Valentino or Donatella Versace when all his models wore 15-centimeter high heels with a 9-inch platform. We understand that this [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-08-26 15:00:56

The white sneakers with which to succeed this summer.

If I had to make a bet to guess the type of footwear that most abounds in both male and female wardrobes, it would undoubtedly be sneakers. Comfortable, versatile, timeless. Sneakers are the best wild card. For a dinner, go to work, take a walk or go out to party. Although there are many followers of ugly sneakers, like those giant Balenciaga ones with bright colors, the truth [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-08-05 10:35:58

Fluorine color

Ever since Pier Paolo Piccioli, creative director of the French house Valentino, proposed a fashion show bathed entirely in a bright and strong pink with a lot of personality for his autumn winter 2022/23 collection, I have not stopped thinking about fluorine colors. Colors that express vitality, desire to be happy and a slight desire to attract attention. In these times, any symbol of joy is always we [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-07-29 09:00:24

From the office to the beach and to a dinner:

Now that (finally!) summer has arrived and the temperatures allow us, our wardrobe becomes very decisive. We leave in the drawer of oblivion those uncomfortable combinations of t-shirt, sweater, coat, scarf, hat... and a long etcetera of accessories to protect us from the cold, and we make room for lighter garments. The heat is coming and we welcome th [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-07-22 09:00:09

The infinite trend of sneakers

  As I was already announcing in the article on timeless men's basics (click here), sports shoes are an essential piece of our wardrobe that generate real fury among their devotees and hours and hours of queues to get a new pair. Image: Pepe Jeans The sneaker fever, perhaps because of its comfort, perhaps because of its v [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-07-08 09:00:04

Men basics

.. who has not believed themselves to be a fashionista at some time and has signed up for a cut that is too daring? And above all, who has not regretted the volumes, striking colors or impossible silhouettes on a Tuesday when dressing for work? The nature of trends is epheme [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-07-01 09:00:17

Long live wedges

Weddings, communions, graduations, birthday dinners and a long etcetera of banquets in which to dress up and wear our best clothes. The changes in the last two years may have something to do with the urgent need we all have when it comes to getting ready: to be comfortable. Dresses that allow us to move, slight [...]

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By Patricia Ruenes Sanz | 2022-06-23 09:10:00

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