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Comprar Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver
Comprar Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver
Comprar Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver
Comprar Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver

Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver

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Comprar Anillo D0157 plateado Comprar Bilyfer Anillo D0157 dorado

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Bilyfer Ring D0157 silver


Rhodium-plated ring.

Faceted stone.


Diameter: 17 mm.

*Shipped with your specific Bylifer box.

*Gold plating: in jewellery such as chains, pendants and similar, in which the greatest composition is plated brass, gold layers ranging from 1 to 5 microns (one thousandth of a millimetre) thick are applied so as to avoid the possible appearance of eczema or epidermal alterations in certain areas prone to allergic reactions.

Care and advice:

Being careful with your jewelry will help maintain its splendor, shine and durability.

Jewelry can lose its shine over time when exposed to the outdoors. BILYFER treats its products with a technique to help prevent the loss of shine, but it is still important to follow the care instructions indicated.

It is recommended to remove any jewelry before going to bed, taking a shower, or before participating in any physical activity. Exposure to certain chemicals or environments can compromise the integrity of jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to: perspiration (sweat), perfumes/colonies, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water and silver polishers, among others.

Jewelry cleaning:

Gold-plated pieces need more care. Rubbing intensely can lead to the loss of the bath, so it is important to do so subtly to avoid bath wear.

A specific cloth to polish silver (only for silver without rodeo).

How to store your jewelry:

Away from any exposure to sunlight and away from warm places, ideally in a padded jewelry box or a tarnish resistant bag. Another suggested option is to keep them in individual plastic bags with hermetic closing.

It is recommended to avoid the use of rubber containers, since they will generate an accelerated dulling of the pieces and probably will make them blacken. Under no circumstances should jewellery be stored in a bathroom or in damp places.

Please note that BILYFER boxes are not designed to keep items in perfect condition for extended periods of time, as they are not airtight containers and color alteration may eventually occur with lack of use.

100% original product. On Esdemarca we don`t sell falsifications.

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